Manufacturing System

Focusing on intelligent manufacturing to provide key products and solutions

Precise undercutting

Laser cutting machine, tube and plate laser cutting machine, a variety of equipment undercutting, to ensure the progress of the undercutting size, can meet the high efficiency of a variety of materials undercutting.

Quality welding

The machine uses a flexible tooling bed welding line to ensure welding quality and greatly improve welding efficiency. The plate bevel is beveled using a mechanical beveling machine to ensure the bevel size and bevel welding strength, which has obvious advantages over flame beveling.

Age annealing

The bed is fully annealed and aged in an electric furnace to ensure the stability of the welded bed structure.

High Precision Milling

The bed body and crossbeam are processed by high-end CNC gantry milling, CNC gantry milling for 60m 5 beam 10 head, 12m machine, 8m machine and 5m machine respectively, complete with excellent equipment precision, batch processing production and high processing efficiency.

Sheet metal fabrication

High standard production processes for sheet metal undercutting, bending and welding.

Fully automatic coating lines

Environmentally friendly sheet metal pickling, alkaline washing and automatic painting lines.

Equipment assembly

Skilled workers carry out the final assembly and commissioning of the equipment.

Guaranteed accuracy

For assembly details, we use a laser collimator to ensure the accuracy of the installation. After the whole machine is assembled and powered up, we use a laser interferometer to test the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine to ensure the mechanical performance of the machine.

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