Kebei Laser Helps MCC Steel to Create a "Smart" Manufacturing Future


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Recently, Kebei Laser participated in the "2023 National Conference on Building Steel Structure Industry" held from June 2 to June 4. The theme of this conference is "Green low-carbon, intelligent construction, promote the high-quality development of steel structure construction industry", this conference is organized by China Construction Metal Structure Association, China Construction Metal Structure Association Building Steel Structure Branch, and China Metallurgical (Shanghai) Steel Structure Technology Co. As a well-known enterprise in the laser industry, Kebei Laser was invited as a co-organizer and brought the solution related to secondary processing of steel sections - secondary processing line of steel sections laser, which was well received by the participants.


During the conference, a visit to MCC Steel was organized, attracting dozens of representatives from outstanding enterprises and related units in the industry to visit and exchange. At the production site of CMT, Liu Xin, the project leader from Kebei Laser R&D Center, introduced in detail the advantages of this processing line in terms of efficiency, processing quality, and transformation of intensive manual high-intensity operations into automatic intelligent production. Kebei Laser believes that the section steel laser secondary processing line, as a revolutionary breakthrough in section steel cutting, is an important step towards the high-quality development of the steel structure industry.



2023 National Conference of Construction Steel Structure Industry


In this conference, Liu Xin, the head of Kebe Laser's R&D center, analyzed the current status and situation of the steel processing industry, and introduced in detail the company's annual star product, the profile steel laser secondary processing line. Section steel laser secondary processing line, is a major innovation to the traditional secondary processing method of section steel, Kebe Laser has already done a lot of work in this area, accumulated a lot of successful experience and made a brief introduction.



Liu Xin, the project leader of Kebei Laser R&D Center


First of all, the secondary processing line of section steel laser has been optimized in the process flow. The traditional steel processing method starts from welding and then proceeds to the next process, while the secondary processing line of steel laser starts from cutting directly, without the secondary processing process. Secondly, innovation has been made in the cutting method. Traditional section steel processing method generally adopts manual cutting, manual scribing, mechanical cutting machine and other methods to carry out secondary processing, while the secondary processing line of section steel laser is directly inputting the data of section steel into the computer through the computer control system, and then the laser cutting is realized through the computer control system. Finally, there is also an improvement in the degree of automation. While the traditional processing line uses manual operation to complete the processing operation, the section steel laser secondary processing line uses the computer control system to realize the dream of the steel man to change directly from the drawing to the finished product.


This product has several obvious advantages as follows:


1、Technological innovation: replacing traditional processing means and transforming from personnel-intensive to technology-intensive;

2、High precision: Adopting high precision linear motion platform to ensure cutting accuracy and processing quality;

3、high stability: the use of imported spindle and linear guide, to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine;

4、High efficiency: Adopting modular design, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of the machining center;

5、Intelligent: adopt Chinese interface, easy to learn operation, and can customize processing solutions according to customer needs;

6、high environmental protection: with patented dust removal system to ensure green production and protect site staff.




Conference site


Liu stressed that at present, China is a large steel structure country in terms of output, and to become a strong steel structure country, it is necessary to carry out continuous scientific and technological innovation for the pain points of the industry, and promote the transformation of the steel structure manufacturing industry from personnel-intensive to technology-intensive, so as to greatly improve the processing efficiency and quality of the steel structure manufacturing industry and promote the steady and high-quality development of the steel structure industry. She said that the current section steel laser secondary processing line of Kebei Laser has led the international level, and will continue to play its own advantages and target market positioning in the future to provide customers with more efficient undercutting equipment.


After the meeting, MCC and Kebei Laser jointly organized a trip to MCC's manufacturing plant 1 in Shanghai. In the production workshop of MCC, the staff showed the participants the advanced intelligent manufacturing production line in the workshop. When seeing the section steel laser secondary processing line, one attendee excitedly said, "Your equipment cuts quickly, takes up little space, and requires little manpower, which is really convenient for us."



MCC Steel Manufacturing Plant No.1


On June 4 and 5, dozens of industry experts and elites visited the site respectively, and while admiring the advanced and modern intelligent manufacturing line of CMT, they left valuable comments and suggestions.




MCC Steel Manufacturing Plant No.1


In the future, Kebe Laser will continue to adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the forerunner, user needs as the center, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as the focus, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise through scientific and technological innovation. Committed to providing global users with efficient, safe, stable and reliable laser processing equipment and technical services, constantly meet the global market demand, and strive to become the world's leading supplier of laser processing equipment and technical solutions, and become an important help for the majority of users in the market competition!




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