Kebei revisits Wuhan customer who uses H-beam laser cutting machine


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At the beginning of August this year, Wuhan Beikun Metal purchased a Kebei H-beam laser cutting machine. After half a year of use, how is the cutting machine? Kebei laser recently made a return visit to Beikun Metal to understand the use of the equipment.

It is understood that after the smooth use of Kebei H-beam laser cutting equipment in BeiKun, it not only excess in processing efficiency, but also manufactures product quality that far exceeds that of competitors in the same industry. It saves Beikun Metal a lot of labor costs and greatly improves their processing output.



Kebei H beam laser cutting machine adopts the latest laser cutting technology, which is able to accurately cut many kinds of specification H steel, channel steel and flat plate. Whether it's steel plates with thin thickness or thicker materials, the machine can easily cope with them and ensure the precision and quality of the cuts. Its high-speed processing capability allows BeiKun Metal to fulfill a large number of orders in a short period of time, greatly improving their productivity.


In addition, Kebei H-beam laser cutting machine is highly intelligent and automated. It adopts advanced control system and automation device, which can realize processing by just 2 workers, which not only saves human resources, but also reduces the possibility of errors, which makes BeiKun Metal's production line more efficient and reliable.



Beikun Metal is full of praise for Kebei's H-beam laser cutting machine. They said that this cooperation is wise, the equipment provided by Kebei Laser not only has excellent performance, but also has very good after-sales service. Whether it is the installation and commissioning of the equipment or the subsequent technical support, Kebei Laser can respond in time and provide professional solutions. This good cooperation relationship has brought real benefits to Beikun Metal and promoted the common development of both sides.

The factory zone No.1 of the production base of Kebei laser


In the future, Beikun Metal and Kebei Laser will further strengthen their cooperation and jointly explore market development opportunities. They believe that with the efforts of both parties, it will not only bring practical benefits to both sides, but also make positive contributions to the development of the industry.


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