Kebei Hubei Engineering Research Center declared successfully


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Good news! Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently released the "Notice of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the Announcement of the 2023 Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center Recognition List", in which, the "Construction Engineering Intelligent Welding and Cutting Equipments Hubei Provincial Engineering Research Center" declared by Kebei successfully passed the audit and obtained the recognition.



The "Hubei Engineering Research Center for Intelligent Welding and Cutting Equipments for Construction Engineering" declared by Kebei is a scientific and technological innovation carrier with advanced scientific research capability, which will establish a perfect organization and operation and management mechanism of the center, and carry out the research on automatic control hardware and software, intelligent factory, Internet of Things and other directions related to intelligent welding and cutting equipments for construction engineering.

 The center aims to build into a platform for scientific research and technology development and achievement transformation of digital intelligent welding and cutting equipment for construction projects in the province and even in the country, a gathering of high-quality talents in the smart city industry, an important base for the incubation of high-level scientific research achievements, and a research base for boosting the construction of smart cities and other related fields.



Kebei Laser is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales of laser intelligent equipment. As long as more than ten years of laser intelligent equipment R & D and manufacturing history, let Kebei witnessed the emergence of China's laser industry, the development and prosperity of the whole process. Kebei is not only a participant in this process, but also a promoter. Our products are distributed all over the country and exported to Taiwan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions.


The goal of Kebei Laser is to implement reliable and innovative solutions from laser processing industry to intelligent manufacturing equipment, implement the enterprise spirit of "truth-seeking, pragmatic, innovative and progressive", promote the cost reduction and upgrading of the steel structure industry with intelligent manufacturing, help the steel structure industry to develop in high quality, and build a strong steel structure country together.



The Hubei Engineering Research Center, which was successfully approved by Kebei, will provide important support for the research and development in the field of intelligent welding and cutting equipment for construction engineering. It is believed that under the joint efforts of Kebei, the center will become an important platform to promote engineering technology innovation and industrial upgrading in Hubei Province, and inject new momentum for the economic and social development of the province.





What will be the development of laser cutting machines in the automotive industry?

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Nowadays, low-power equipment can also be used for processing, which eliminates the need to borrow someone else's equipment for processing when purchasing a laser cutting machine. The gradual replacement of laser cutting processing mode may be inevitable and also a future market. In terms of its processing effect, the processing effect of a single industry is definitely the best for a single industry, and it can also meet the requirements of this industry to a greater extent. And generally, large-scale manufacturing enterprises will provide equipment operation training to customers who purchase equipment, as long as the company has some technical processing background personnel, it is relatively easy to get started. Therefore, if you want to use laser cutting processing for bosses, you may try to use laser cutting equipment to directly purchase and process, which can help you achieve and solve many problems.