Kebei Laser H-beam Laser Cutting Machine Shines in 2023 Construction Steel Structure Industry Digital Intelligence Forum and Intelligent and Efficient Welding and Cutting Conference


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On December 13, 2023 in Hangzhou, a grand party came as promised. It was the 2023 Construction Steel Structure Industry Digital Intelligence Forum and Intelligent and Efficient Welding and Cutting Conference, a carnival about digitization and intelligence of the construction steel structure industry. Kebei Laser showed up with new products and gathered with the industry elites from all over the world.

In this grand event, Liu Xin, the R&D project director of Kebei Laser, introduced the latest two products of Kebei Laser in detail:

Online cutting machine for steel profiles



This Kebei profile steel online cutting machine is a combination of many advanced technologies in one device, which combines the front correction section  and subsequent welding process, realizing the efficient process of automatic conveying and cutting.


In the traditional section steel cutting process, there are often some shortcomings, such as low precision, low efficiency and other problems. And this online cutting machine effectively avoids these drawbacks by adding infrared vision automatic compensation technology. It adopts advanced visual recognition technology, which can monitor the position and angle of the cutting process in real time to ensure cutting accuracy and consistency.


In addition, this online cutting machine also has intelligent avoidance and protection functions, which can automatically recognize the position and shape of the workpiece to avoid collision or damage with the workpiece. Meanwhile, it also adopts high-precision transmission system and control system to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment and realize the efficient process of automatic conveying and cutting.


In terms of performance, this online cutting machine excels. It is capable of processing a maximum workpiece length of 15 meters, which meets the needs of most industrial production. Meanwhile, it also has the advantages of high efficiency, precision and stability, which can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality.


Plate and tube type integrated machine

Another Kebeis plate and pipe all-in-one machine is a multi-functional machine, which integrates the functions of flat plate, steel profile and large pipe cutting, and can adapt to different specifications of cutting needs. At the same time, it is highly flexible and can easily cope with a variety of complex cutting tasks.


In addition, it has a variety of cutting modes that can be selected according to different materials and thicknesses to achieve the best cutting results. It can easily cope with a variety of complex cutting tasks, such as cutting in multiple positions and realizing different cutting angles.

The versatility of this machine not only provides a high degree of flexibility in material processing, but also facilitates users to reduce the one-time investment cost. If you need a high-performance, high-quality cutting machine, then this plate and tube all-in-one machine will be your best choice.


The exposure of the two new machines of Kebei immediately attracted the marvel and applause from the audience.

Kebei laser, a unique brand in the field of laser cutting, the cutting samples shown on the scene have a smooth surface like a mirror, whether it's punching, cutting, scribing or marking, it's all precise and accurate, without a trace of burr. The audience at the scene marveled at the precision and stability of the laser equipment of Kebei .

As a source factory specializing in H-beam laser cutting equipment, the strength of Kebei Laser is evident. Taking quality as life and innovation as soul, the company keeps launching more advanced, more efficient and smarter laser cutting equipments to contribute to the development of construction steel structure industry.

In the future development, Kebei Laser will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, and constantly introduce more advanced, efficient and intelligent laser cutting equipment, to make greater contributions to the development of the construction steel structure industry!





What will be the development of laser cutting machines in the automotive industry?

Laser cutting, with its unparalleled advantages such as accuracy, speed, efficiency, high performance, low price, and low energy consumption, has quickly occupied the market and become an indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.



What are the advantages of laser cutting technology compared to traditional cutting

Nowadays, low-power equipment can also be used for processing, which eliminates the need to borrow someone else's equipment for processing when purchasing a laser cutting machine. The gradual replacement of laser cutting processing mode may be inevitable and also a future market. In terms of its processing effect, the processing effect of a single industry is definitely the best for a single industry, and it can also meet the requirements of this industry to a greater extent. And generally, large-scale manufacturing enterprises will provide equipment operation training to customers who purchase equipment, as long as the company has some technical processing background personnel, it is relatively easy to get started. Therefore, if you want to use laser cutting processing for bosses, you may try to use laser cutting equipment to directly purchase and process, which can help you achieve and solve many problems.