Three-way win-win empowerment of excellence Kebei and Wuhan Vocational College jointly organized the perfect conclusion of the dual-creation training camp activities


Information activities

Recently, Kebei laser and Wuhan Institute of Vocational Technology jointly organized a "dual-creation" training camp closing ceremony, Kebei laser R & D leader Mr. Liu, the head of the technical director Mr. Mei, Wuhan Institute of Vocational College, Mr. Zhu, and other teachers attended the ceremony site.

"Shuangchuang" camp closing activities on the scene, Kebei laser Mr. Liu summarized and affirmed Wang Lu, Li Jiangdong, Zheng Hongwei and other nine students in this Shuangchuang training camp in the positive performance, and put forward professional advice on their future planning.

Teachers expressed their thanks to Kebei Laser for providing students with this unique opportunity to practice, and students learned very practical knowledge in Kebei Laser Enterprise, which is a three-way win-win activity for school, enterprise and students.

The students actively spoke on the spot, shared their own gains in this "Double Creation" activity, and expressed their gratitude to the teachers of Kebei Laser and Ms. Zhu.


In this "Double Creation" training camp, Kebei laser tailored for these students to create a theoretical and practical teaching and training arrangements, including CAD and Solidworks two drawing software practice, the mechanical structure of the steel laser cutting equipment and the working principle of the training, electrical principles and wiring training and practice, control software, nesting software learning and so on. , nesting software learning, etc.


During the activity, the students showed high enthusiasm for learning and practical ability. They not only studied the theoretical knowledge of laser cutting equipment seriously, but also mastered the three-dimensional drawing skills. Under the guidance of professional masters, students also personally operated the laser cutting equipment and gained a deep understanding of the production process of the equipment.


After two months of training, the students have been improving their ability in practice, and their performance has been highly recognized by Kebei Laser. It is considered that the students not only showed the solid foundation they laid in school, but also demonstrated the splendor of the contemporary young people and the spirit of daring to go forward and climb up the ladder in the activity.

The dual-creation training camp activity between Kebei Laser and Wuhan Institute of Vocational Technology provides a successful model for the integration of industry and education. The success of this activity also means that the integration of industry and education has achieved positive results in practice. In the future, Kebei Laser will continue to strengthen the cooperation with Wuhan Institute of Vocational Technology, jointly promote the new development of the integration of production, learning and research, and make greater contributions to the cultivation of more excellent talents.




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