Continuously Innovating Science and Technology to Build a Strong Steel Structure Country


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On March 7, 2023, under the leadership of Chairman KEBEI Laser, the laser secondary processing line for section steel, developed through more than a year of hard work, was installed and shipped to Xinjiang.




This is a high-precision production line specifically designed for the secondary processing of section steel. It is a high-tech processing line that integrates laser cutting, precision machinery, intelligent detection, and three-dimensional six axis five linkage CNC technology. Due to its strong processing ability (cutting, hole cutting, groove cutting, welding hole opening, marking), high processing efficiency, labor saving, and space saving, this processing line is widely welcomed by steel structure manufacturers.
At present, manual labor is commonly used in the secondary processing of section steel in China, with high labor intensity among workers and difficulty in recruiting skilled workers. It can be described as the "slash and burn" in the steel structure industry. Therefore, the secondary price of section steel has always been a pain point in the industry.
In the 2023 National People's Congress and National People's Congress, it was proposed that "technological self-reliance and self-improvement are the foundation of national strength and the key to security". With the vigorous development of the steel structure industry, it is an inevitable trend to move from a major steel structure country to a major steel structure country. The laser secondary processing line for section steel was introduced in this context. KEBEI Laser will use this as a starting point to assist the steel structure industry in transitioning from labor-intensive to technology-intensive, and make unremitting efforts to solve the pain points of the steel structure industry, striving to build a strong steel structure country together!




What will be the development of laser cutting machines in the automotive industry?

Laser cutting, with its unparalleled advantages such as accuracy, speed, efficiency, high performance, low price, and low energy consumption, has quickly occupied the market and become an indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.



What are the advantages of laser cutting technology compared to traditional cutting

Nowadays, low-power equipment can also be used for processing, which eliminates the need to borrow someone else's equipment for processing when purchasing a laser cutting machine. The gradual replacement of laser cutting processing mode may be inevitable and also a future market. In terms of its processing effect, the processing effect of a single industry is definitely the best for a single industry, and it can also meet the requirements of this industry to a greater extent. And generally, large-scale manufacturing enterprises will provide equipment operation training to customers who purchase equipment, as long as the company has some technical processing background personnel, it is relatively easy to get started. Therefore, if you want to use laser cutting processing for bosses, you may try to use laser cutting equipment to directly purchase and process, which can help you achieve and solve many problems.