Repurchase 2 sets in 6 months! Shandong HX steel structure company’s NEW KEBEI H-beam flat plate dual-purpose cutting machine will be put into production!


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In today's industrial manufacturing field, efficient and accurate cutting technology is the key for enterprises to improve production efficiency and product quality. Shandong HX Steel Structure Co., Ltd. understands this well, so it has continuously purchased two sets of KEBEI H-beam laser cutting machines in just half a year, which once again proves the excellent performance of KEBEI laser cutting machines in the market.


Shandong HX steel structure first KEBEI H-beam laser cutting machine


Recently, the second dual-purpose laser cutting machine for H-beam and flat plate of Shandong HX Steel Structure is under intense installation and debugging, and will be put into production soon. This 20,000-watt power type and flat dual-use laser cutting machine is not only powerful, but also has comprehensive functions, which can meet the diversified needs of the steelworks in H-beam and flat cutting. Its high efficiency and accurate cutting performance will greatly improve the production efficiency of Shandong HX Steel Structure, and at the same time reduce the one-time investment cost, providing greater operational flexibility for the enterprise.


Cutting sample display


The continuous repurchase of Shandong HX steel structure is not only the recognition of the high quality of the laser cutting machine, but also the affirmation of the considerate service of KEBEI laser. As a high-tech enterprise with the title of "Small Giant" enterprise and scientific and technological innovation practice base, KEBEI Laser always adheres to technological innovation as the core, and constantly promotes product upgrading and service optimization.


Shandong HX steel structure second equipment installation site


The 60-meter flexible intelligent processing center independently developed by the enterprise shows the leading strength of KEBEI in the field of laser cutting, while the strong R&D team and the whole process of independent manufacturing system ensure the high quality and high efficiency of KEBEIs laser cutting machines.


It is worth mentioning that KEBEI laser has strong production capacity and market supply ability, which can provide customers with more timely and efficient service. Shandong HX steel structure chooses KEBEI, not only choose a kind of efficient production tools, but also choose a reliable partner.


KEBEI laser production base


With the upcoming production of the second set of KEBEI laser cutting machine for Shandong HX Steel Structure, it is believed that its production efficiency and product quality will reach a new level. And KEBEI Laser will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, and constantly improve product quality and service level, for more enterprises to bring efficient, accurate and reliable laser cutting solutions, and jointly promote the rapid development of industrial manufacturing industry.





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