Kebei H-beam laser cutting machine departs for Russia


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In the current global economic integration of the background, the industrial manufacturing field is ushering in unprecedented development opportunities and challenges, efficient and accurate cutting technology has become an indispensable part of industrial production. In such a market environment, kebbey laser by virtue of carefully crafted H-beam laser cutting machine, with high efficiency, precision, stable performance, has become a dark horse in the domestic and foreign markets, recently, a kebbey H-beam laser cutting machine also formally embarked on the journey of the Russian steel factory.

Russia, as the world's largest country in terms of area, has a strong industrial base and broad market demand. In recent years, with the steady development of the Russian economy and the continuous optimisation of the industrial structure, the demand for high-quality, high-efficiency industrial equipment is also growing. Especially in the automobile, machinery, ships and other manufacturing areas, the requirements for cutting equipment are more stringent.

Kebei laser H-beam laser cutting machine, with advanced 3D six-axis laser technology and AI intelligent control system, is able to complete a large number of complex cutting tasks in a short period of time, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Whether it is large-scale industrial production or fine custom processing, it can easily cope with it, showing unparalleled efficiency.

At the same time, the cutting precision of the equipment has reached the industry's leading level, with smooth cutting edges without burrs and a through-hole rate of 100 per cent. This high-precision cutting technology not only meets the stringent requirements for precision in industrial production, but also provides a strong guarantee for product quality improvement and process innovation.

The export of Kebey laser H-beam laser cutting machine to Russia is a strong proof of its excellent performance. We are convinced that the equipment of Corbey Laser will win wide recognition and praise in the Russian market with its outstanding performance and excellent quality, and contribute more to the local industrial development! At the same time, we also look forward to working with more domestic and foreign customers to create a new chapter of laser cutting technology and write a more brilliant future!




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