H-beam, flat plate, round tube, square tube... Kobelco laser one equipment to take


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In the highly competitive industrial manufacturing field, every technological innovation is like a bright light, illuminating the roadahead of the industry. With its excellent innovative strength, the latest launch of the seven-in-one multi-functional laser cutting machine for plate and tube, not only breaks through the boundaries of traditional cutting technology, but also brings revolutionary changes to the steel processing industry.



                  Flat slope work angle groove, a machine to make a square circle

Kebey plate and tube laser cutting equipment, integrated with cutting H-beam, flat plate, round tube, square tube, channel, angle and bevelling and other functions, the real real ‘one machine multi-purpose’ convenience, greatly simplifies the processing process.


In the face of different processing needs, it can quickly adjust and easily switch working modes to meet diversified processing needs.In a small batch, a variety of processing scenarios, this equipment can make a big difference, without the need to buy more than one piece of equipment to meet a variety of processing needs, which greatly reduces the initial investment costs, for the steel processing plant to bring unprecedented convenience and practicality.

All-round cutter


This plate and tube type 7-in-1 laser cutting machine has won praise from the industry for its excellent cutting ability. Whether it's cutting off, cutting holes, bevelling, over-welding holes, scribing, marking, it's all perfectly done.


Small and precise

This plate and tube type 7-in-1 laser cutting machine from Kebey Laser only needs the footprint of one machine to meet the full range of cutting needs, and a small plant can also take big orders.

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What will be the development of laser cutting machines in the automotive industry?

Laser cutting, with its unparalleled advantages such as accuracy, speed, efficiency, high performance, low price, and low energy consumption, has quickly occupied the market and become an indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.