As the Cheif Editor, KEBEI Laser Held the Group Standard Project Startup Meeting of the Hubei Provincial Steel Structure Association Successfully!


Information activities

Recently, the group standard "Profile Steel Laser Processing line" was organized and held by Hubei Steel Structure Association and Ezhou Kebei Laser Co.

Attending the meeting were Liu Chuanbin, Chairman of the Board and Liu Xin, Project Leader of R&D Center of Ezhou Kebei Laser Co., Ltd, Peng Ji, Secretary General and Lv Biying, Deputy Secretary General of Hubei Steel Structure Association, Cheng Junbiao, Chief Engineer of CME (Shanghai) Steel Structure Technology Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang Ping, Deputy Chief Engineer of CCCC Second Aviation Bureau Structural Engineering Co., Ltd., Mr. Fan Youhong, Deputy General Manager of China Railway Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Huanyun, Chief Engineer of CSCEC Wuhan Co., Ltd., Mr. Gong Haitao, Director of Wuhan First Metallurgical Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and Mr. Ma Teng, Minister of Technology Development Department, Mr. Wan Jiakai, Deputy Chief Engineer of CMC Southern Urban Design & Construction Institute, and many other experts.

At this meeting, the members closely follow the theme, express their views, and make suggestions for the group standard. Through the serious consideration of the participating experts, the final passage of the project was made successfully. The participants actively discussed the feasibility of the program at the meeting and planned to implement the arrangement in the future work. The steel structure industry has been booming in recent years, and the demand for emerging technologies and digital intelligence empowerment has also risen. Nowadays, the steel structure processing field is characterized by fierce competition, near-transparent processing prices and meager profits, and there is an urgent need for industrial upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. From the point of view of steel structure production, China is a big steel structure country. It is necessary to carry out scientific and technological innovation in response to the industry's pain points, and promote the transformation of the steel structure industry from personnel-intensive to technology-intensive. In this context, the laser processing line for secondary processing of steel sections came into being.

Liu Chuanbin, chairman of the board of Kebei Laser, pointed out that the standard is the dignity of an industry as well as a country, and only by doing a good job in the standard, accelerating the construction of group standard system, and improving the ability of the standard to guarantee the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing in the steel structure industry, can we promote the high-quality development of the industry and build a strong steel structure country. After exchanging and communicating with each other, the representatives seriously discussed the necessity, advancement, applicability, feasibility and correlation with the existing standards of the standards and other aspects, and carried out in-depth discussions. Then, the participants followed Liu Xin, the project leader of the R&D center, to visit the assembly workshop of the three factories in the production base and showed the actual production of the processing line. Through this exchange and communication and field trip, the representatives deeply realized the importance and necessity of standardization in enterprise management, and they expressed that they would further strengthen the attention and promotion of standardization work to provide a more solid and reliable guarantee for the development of enterprises.

In order to do a good job in the preparation of the standard, and effectively ensure the standard's advancement, applicability, reasonableness and scientificity, the chief editorial unit will work with the industry-related well-known enterprises to complete the relevant preparation work. If you are willing to participate in the compilation of the standard, please contact with Hubei Steel Structure Association or Ezhou Kobelco Laser Co., Ltd. and fill in the application form, and then you can participate in the compilation of the standard after the examination and approval of the experts. In principle, each participating unit can only appoint one person to participate in the compilation of the standard, in which the units with strong technical strength and willingness to participate in the work are prioritized.





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