Warmly Congratulate the "Wuhan Welding Society Technical Meeting" a complete success!


Information activities

   Recently, Wuhan Welding Society held a wonderful technical exchange meeting, attracting many welding industry professionals and enthusiasts to participate. With the theme of "Changing of Wuhan Welding Society and Exchange of Advanced Material Welding Technology", the meeting provided valuable guidance and reference for the development of the industry by sharing the latest practical experience.

       Before the start of the exchange meeting, the venue was full of people with full of expectation, expecting to get new ideas and inspiration from this exchange meeting. The host firstly came on the stage and thanked all the guests for coming. Then, he introduced the theme and schedule of the meeting, so that everyone could have an expectation of what was to come.

Liu Xin, the head of R&D project of KEBEI Laser, shared "secondary processing line of section steel laser". The main research method of this project is to realize the advanced detection and intelligent control of section steel laser processing through the research on section steel laser processing, section steel combination processing and secondary positioning technology. It mainly adopts the method of experimental testing, repeatedly demonstrates the technical defects of laser cutting, realizes the technical breakthrough, and seeks for the optimal solution of section steel laser processing. This innovation has attracted extensive attention and discussion from many participants, who have expressed their confidence in the future development of section steel laser cutting technology.

Finally the Society summarized the results and gains of this exchange meeting and put forward the outlook for the future development of welding technology. It indicated that Wuhan Welding Society will continue to organize similar activities to provide a platform for professionals and enthusiasts in the industry to communicate and learn.

Through this exchange meeting, we not only learned the latest development of welding technology and profile cutting technology, but also learned a lot of practical knowledge and skills. It is believed that in the near future, these innovations and practices will promote the further development of laser technology and make positive contributions to the prosperity of the industry.




What will be the development of laser cutting machines in the automotive industry?

Laser cutting, with its unparalleled advantages such as accuracy, speed, efficiency, high performance, low price, and low energy consumption, has quickly occupied the market and become an indispensable processing equipment in the automotive industry.



What are the advantages of laser cutting technology compared to traditional cutting

Nowadays, low-power equipment can also be used for processing, which eliminates the need to borrow someone else's equipment for processing when purchasing a laser cutting machine. The gradual replacement of laser cutting processing mode may be inevitable and also a future market. In terms of its processing effect, the processing effect of a single industry is definitely the best for a single industry, and it can also meet the requirements of this industry to a greater extent. And generally, large-scale manufacturing enterprises will provide equipment operation training to customers who purchase equipment, as long as the company has some technical processing background personnel, it is relatively easy to get started. Therefore, if you want to use laser cutting processing for bosses, you may try to use laser cutting equipment to directly purchase and process, which can help you achieve and solve many problems.