Innovation and Breakthroughs|Kebei Laser at FABTECH Chicago


Information activities

September 11-14, 2023, the U.S. metal processing and welding exhibition FABTECH held in Chicago, Ezhou Kebei Laser Co., Ltd. with product of the year, H-beam laser secondary processing line, to the exhibition. The scene harvested a large area of praise.


FABTECH is a highly influential machinery exhibition in the world, which has a history of more than 40 years since it was first held in 1981, with exhibitors from all over the world, all of them with extraordinary strength.

The samples of Kebei Laser in this exhibition are from its beam laser secondary processing line. The cuts are neat and rounded with no need of extra grinding. The laser secondary processing line of Kebei section steel integrates “cutting off, cutting holes, cutting access-welded holes, beveling and scribing” processes. By providing high-precision cutting, the cutting line can easily realize the parts pairing and welding. From now on, it is no longer a dream to turn the drawings into finished products to the steel industry!

In terms of efficiency, Kebei’s section steel laser secondary processing line has its own unique advantages. Experimental data show that the use of kebey laser beam secondary processing line of single person processing efficiency, is the traditional artificial processing efficiency of about 10 times, really realize a person is stronger than ten people, to solve the steel structure enterprise labor shortage, processing efficiency of the problem of low.


In terms of innovation, Kebei laser secondary processing line has a number of self-developed patents to protect new technologies, including three-dimensional six-axis linkage structure, control system, structure, etc. On August 9, 2023, Kebei Laser held a scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting of "advanced detection and intelligent control based on the section steel laser processing system" in the Optics Valley. The meeting was a complete success, and the expert group considered that the scientific and technological achievements of the project as a whole have international advanced level, and some of them have international leading level.

Not only that, Kebei’s section steel laser secondary processing line represents the specific application of the whole process intelligent laser equipment in the steel structure industry. It is a major breakthrough of section steel laser processing in the field of cutting equipment, laser processing equipment, and workbench technology. The birth of this product symbolizes that the steel structure industry has entered the digital intelligent processing era, saving labor and improving efficiency.

It is because of its powerful functions and excellent strength that Kebei Laser can attract many international distributors and customers to visit and understand in FABTECH.


In the future, Kebei Laser will also adhere to the scientific and technological innovation as the guide, to the user demand as the goal, to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as the focus, through scientific and technological innovation to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of steel processing services.




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