KEBEI Laser H-beam laser cutting machine appeared in the Steel Structure Building Development Summit


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Recently, Kebei Laser attended the 18th Green Low Carbon Assembled Building and High Performance Standardized Steel Structure Building Development Summit with its H-beam laser cutting machine cutting samples. This summit focuses on the development of green low-carbon buildings and high-efficiency standardized steel structure buildings, attracting the attention and participation of many industry experts and enterprise representatives.


Liu Xin, research and development project manager of Kebei H-beam laser cutting machine, said at the conference that the steel structure industry is accelerating towards standardization, scaling and marketization, and the financial and technical requirements have put forward higher requirements for steel structure manufacturers. Kebei laser for more than ten years, it is in the heart to do this thing - with the help of better H-beam laser cutting machine, to help the steel structure industry to complete the intelligent, digital transformation. This is the necessary way for the development of steel structure in world, and it is also the real power needed for the industry to realize the historic leap from traditional manufacturing in steel structure to Intelligent processing line!



Kebei Laser exhibited the samples of intelligent steel laser secondary processing line, which was highly praised at the scene. This H-beam laser cutting machine adopts advanced laser technology with high precision, high efficiency and high quality, and is capable of realizing precise cutting, hole-cutting, over-welding hole-opening, beveling, scribing and marking of steel, which provides a broad application space for steel structure processing.


At the summit, construction enterprises, design institutes and scientific research institutions from all over the country gathered together to discuss and exchange the latest technology and development trend of green low-carbon buildings and high-efficiency standardized steel structure buildings. As an exhibitor, Kebei Laser not only displayed its advanced intelligent steel laser secondary processing line, but also shared its practical experience and innovative achievements in this field with the participants, which won wide recognition and appreciation.



As a leading R&D manufacturer of H-beam laser cutting machine, the products of Kebei Laser have extremely high technological content. As a leading developer and manufacturer of H-beam laser cutting machine, the products have high technological content. The intelligent H-beam laser secondary processing line of Kebei laser adopts the original 3-dimensional 6-axis and 5-linkage technology, which has ultra-high efficiency, and supports the cutting of TEKLA steel structure three-dimensional modeling data file, with simple operation and fast response.


As a practitioner of "intelligent manufacturing, science and technology to develop the country", Kebei laser has excellent R & D strength, with a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights. After years of cultivation, Kebei Laser also has ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-45001 certificates and CNAS inspection reports. The latest research and development of "secondary processing line of section steel laser" has been evaluated by the relevant departments of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department for its scientific and technological achievements, and the whole of it is at the international advanced level, and part of it is at the international leading level.



In the future, Kebei Laser will continue to be committed to promoting the development of green and low-carbon assembled buildings and high-efficiency standardized steel structure buildings, constantly upgrading the function and efficiency of H-beam laser cutting machine, and providing customers with better quality products and services.





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