How to add the antifreeze liquid to the laser cutting machine?


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The weather is getting cooler, Kebei Laser warmly remind those of you who use laser machines, don't forget to keep out the cold from the laser equipment, in accordance with the requirements of timely addition of antifreeze.



Kebei section steel laser processing line is a modern high-precision and high-efficiency processing equipment, which is widely used in steel structure processing, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemical industry and other fields. However, in the cold winter, the low temperature environment may adversely affect the normal operation of the laser cutting machine. Therefore, in order to ensure that the laser processing line can work normally in the low temperature environment, adding antifreeze becomes a necessary measure.


First, choosing the right antifreeze is crucial. Antifreeze prevents freezing by lowering the freezing point of the coolant. When choosing antifreeze, attention should be paid to its anti-freeze performance and stability. Antifreeze performance is a measure of the antifreeze's ability to lower the freezing point, and is generally assessed by the antifreeze's minimum operating temperature. Stability, on the other hand, is related to the antifreeze's material and additives. Antifreeze with better chemical stability and oxidation resistance should be selected to ensure its long-term effectiveness.



Secondly, you should pay attention to the correct way to operate when adding antifreeze.

Attention before operation


Antifreeze original liquid concentration is very high, so it is necessary to use with water. It is strictly prohibited to add antifreeze directly to the chiller, because it is difficult to fully dissolve antifreeze in water. It is easy to produce flocs, blocking the filter and cartridge.


Proportion of original liquid to water


Usually, we adjust the ratio of antifreeze liquid to water according to the temperature:


32℉ to 5℉(0 to -15°C), the ratio of antifreeze to water is recommended to be 2:8;

5℉ to -8℉(-15℃ to -22℃), the ratio of antifreeze to water is recommended 3:7;

-8℉ to -22℉(-22℃ to -30℃), the ratio of antifreeze to water is recommended 4:6;

-22℉ to -49℉(-30℃ to -45℃), the ratio of antifreeze to water is recommended to be 5:5;

Below -49℉(-45°C), the ratio of antifreeze to water is recommended to be 6:4;


Operation Procedure


1. First, make sure that the section steel laser processing line is in the shutdown state and power off;

2. Turn off the chiller valve, open the chiller's drain valve, empty the water in the chiller, clean it twice with fresh purified water and drain it;

3. Remove the filter and cartridge of the chiller and the water inlet of the laser, clean it and install it;

4. Pour a fixed amount of deionized water and a fixed ratio of antifreeze into the same container, and stir in the same direction;

5. Open the valve of the chiller, inject the well-stirred antifreeze into the chiller, and stop adding liquid when the level of the chiller is at the standard scale;

6. After adding antifreeze, open the chiller to circulate for 5-10 minutes, and then turn on the machine normally.



If there is a long downtime, such as like the Spring Festival shutdown, or before the laser is transported, the cooling water in the equipment must be drained and compressed air must be used to blow out the residual water in the equipment (including the laser and the chiller) to prevent damage to the components by internal icing.



It is also important to note that antifreeze in cold temperatures needs to be changed regularly. Over time, the anti-freeze performance of antifreeze will gradually decrease, so it is recommended that the coolant be checked and replaced every year. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color and transparency of the antifreeze, if there is any abnormality, it needs to be replaced immediately.


Any antifreeze cannot completely replace deionized water and cannot be used for extended periods of time throughout the year. After winter, you must use deionized water or pure water to clean the pipeline, especially the filter of the chiller, the filter element and the filter element of the water inlet of the laser, and resume the use of deionized water or pure water as coolant. If you have other questions, you can contact Kebei laser after-sales engineers or emailed us.





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