Faced with the multi scenario application needs of various industries, KEBEI Laser continuously enriches full scenario solutions based on its own product advantages

Sheet metal industry

The sheet metal processing industry is mainly engaged in the distribution and processing of industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding, precision machine tools, precision instruments, communication electronics, elevators, etc. Most of the partners are large foreign companies (General Electric, Bosch, Otis). With the further deepening and continuation of the cooperative relationship, they have learned advanced technology, processes, strict and standardized production environment, production processes, and other management experience, thereby enabling the gradual localization of key components and technologies, reducing the procurement of key components from foreign countries by foreign-funded enterprises, and reducing the production costs of manufacturing enterprises. In this mode, the application of laser cutting machines greatly saves the cost of mold opening and secondary processing, shortens the production cycle, which cannot be achieved by other hardware processing and mold stamping. It is reported that after the introduction of laser cutting machines, the sheet metal industry has saved tens of billions of yuan in funds annually for the sheet metal processing industry.

Steel structure industry

The industrial chain system of steel structures is vast, with numerous manufacturing processes, including cutting, drilling, assembly, welding, rust removal, etc. The advantages of laser processing, such as high precision, high speed, and high efficiency, undoubtedly add wings to the steel structure industry. Laser cutting plays an important role in promoting the application of high-performance and high-efficiency steel and promoting the standardization of steel structures. I believe that with the support of laser technology, a win-win situation will be achieved. Laser processing has become an ideal choice for the steel structure manufacturing industry.

Automobile industry

The automotive manufacturing industry is a highly concentrated high-tech industry, and the application of lasers as an advanced manufacturing method is crucial in the automotive manufacturing process. Laser processing covers numerous application fields in the automotive manufacturing industry, including automotive components, car bodies, car door frames, car trunk, car roof covers, and other aspects. I believe that with the increasing demand for lightweight cars, highly automated and flexible production systems are highly favored, and the importance of laser processing technology will gradually become prominent.

Shipbuilding industry

At present, in the shipbuilding industry, the main cutting methods for hull plate parts include flame cutting, plasma cutting, shear processing, and laser cutting. Compared to laser cutting, other cutting methods have shortcomings in many aspects, such as flame cutting and plasma cutting, which can lead to wide cutting gaps, poor cutting accuracy, easy generation of harmful gases, and significant environmental pollution. The ship steel plate cut by laser has good cutting quality, good perpendicularity of the cutting surface, no slag hanging, thin oxide layer, smooth surface, no need for secondary processing, can be directly welded, and has small thermal deformation. The curve cutting accuracy is high, effectively reducing working hours and achieving obstacle free cutting of high-strength ship plates.

Office furniture

In traditional processing, metal processing is difficult. The manufacturing process of traditional furniture industry generally involves 9 steps: material requisition, sawing machine cutting, lathe processing, processing inclined surfaces, drilling position sampling and punching, drilling, cleaning, and welding. So the previous metal furniture prices were very high, but using a laser cutting machine for metal processing not only had a fast cutting speed, but also could cut any shape, with a smooth cutting edge without burrs, no mold consumption, and other issues.

Electrical cabinet

With the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry, there have gradually been some requirements for processing technology, and the cutting process of small pipes in the field of pipes has made a qualitative leap. After the introduction of laser pipe cutting machines, small pipe cutting has transformed from traditional sawing technology to current laser processing, and has gained unanimous recognition from the public in a short period of time. After market research, the prices of pipe cutting machines on the market are either relatively expensive or the equipment is relatively large. In order to truly reduce the price of the pipe cutting machine and solve the limitations of usage scenarios, the company has developed a miniaturized and low-cost 709 pipe cutting machine after years of careful research and development, and has integrated years of experience in similar products in on-site applications. The advantages of the overall stability, efficient operation, and simplified and user-friendly system operation are all reflected in this product, Meet the needs of user enterprises.

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